Stat 597C

SAS & Data Management

Spring 2004


Lecture Notes    Homework Assignments


Announcement (4/27/04): Homework 4 is available.



Time & Place

Tuesdays 1:00 - 2:15 in 9 Sparks


Xiaojiang Zhan

330A Thomas

Office hours: By appointment


This course will introduce graduate students to some basic knowledge in data management, manipulation and exploration using SAS software. Students will be offered the opportunity to learn a comprehensive set of SAS data-related techniques through lectures, demonstrations, homework assignments. The intended audience of this course is graduate students probably with some elementary experience using SAS. But those who have no prior knowledge about SAS should not feel difficult to follow the lectures.


There is no required text. Lecture notes will be the major source of materials used in class. A searchable version of SAS online documentation (SAS 9.1) can be found at Some good references are listed below:

  • Cody, Ron (1999), Cody's Data Cleaning Techniques Using SAS Software, Cary, NC: SAS Institute, Inc. ISBN: 1-58025-600-7.

  • Cody, Ronald P. and Jeffrey K. Smith (1997), Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language, Prentice Hall Engineering, Science and Math, ISBN: 0-13-743642-4.

  • Cody, Ron (1996), SAS Workbook and Solutions Set, Cary, NC: SAS Institute, Inc. ISBN: 1555447627.

  • Delwiche, Lora D. and Susan J. Slaughter (1998), The Little SAS Book, Second Edition, Cary, NC: SAS Institute, Inc. ISBN: 1-58025-239-7.

  • Gilmore, Jodie (1999), Painless Windows: A Handbook for SAS Users, Second Edition, Cary, NC: SAS Institute, Inc. ISBN: 1-58035-238-9.


50% Homework assignments; 30% Final take-home exam; 20% Class participation


All Penn State and Eberly College of Science policies regarding academic integrity apply to this course. See for details.


Lecture Notes:


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Reading Data into SAS

Chapter 3. Some Basics of Data Manipulation

Chapter 4. Sorting, Printing and Summarizing Data

Chapter 5. Enhancing Output with ODS

Chapter 6. Modifying and Combining SAS Data Sets

Chapter 7. Introduction to SAS Macros

Chapter 8. Some Basic Statistical Procedures

Chapter 9. Exporting Data

Chapter10. Special Topics


Homework Assignments:


Homework 1 (Due Tuesday, 2/17/04)

Homework 2 (Due Tuesday, 3/30/04)

Homework 3 (Due Tuesday, 4/20/04)

Homework 4 (Due by Friday, 5/9/04)