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13.  What would you like from the Statistical Consulting Center?  Please note: The SCC does not provide tutoring or assistance for class assignments.

Short-Term Statistical Advice.  See Short Term for assistance available. 

Long-Term Funded Statistical Advice and/or SERVICES.  See Long Term for assistance available.


14.  Have you visited the Statistical Consulting Center before? No    Yes  If Yes, semester Fall Spring; year ; Consultant

15.  What questions do you have?  Use this space for any additional information that will help the consultant understand what you want from the SCC.  This should include:


     1-What are your research questions/hypotheses? (This could include a description of your project, a list of variables, diagrams, plots and summary tables)


    2-What are your statistical questions?


16.  Type of consulting problem.  Please indicate the current stage of your project: Planning Stage; Analysis Stage; or Other.  After indicating which stage your project is in, checkmark the boxes found beneath your current stage to indicate the topic(s) we can assist you with.  This information is used to find the best match between consultant and client.  Your consultant will also go over this form with you to help clarify the consulting problem.

Study Design:


Research Logic and Planning

Questionnaire and Survey Design


Sample Size and Power



Design of Experiment


Other Design Issues

Analysis and Interpretation of Data:

Descriptive Statistics

Categorical Data Analysis


One and Two Sample Tests

Logistic Regression


Estimates and Confidence Intervals

Nonparametric Analysis

Linear Regression

Nonlinear Methods


Time Series

Analysis of Variance or Covariance


Multivariate Analysis

Censored or Survival Analysis





Other Types of Assistance

17.  Your statistical background (Please check areas you are familiar with)

Not very familiar with statistics
Descriptive statistics
Basic statistical tests
Analysis of variance, linear regression
  Other statistical methods:

18.  Computer packages you plan to use:

SAS  Minitab  SPSS  Excel 


19.  How did you find out about the Center?

Advisor    Web Page    Faculty Member    Friend

20.  I have received approval from the Office for Research Protections (ORP) for the research project referenced above.  (Please note that if your study involves people or animals, you may need approval from the ORP.  For more information,  please see web page .)


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