Falll 1999
Sections 7 -12
Lecture: 101 Thomas M W F 11:15-12:05 for all sections
Instructor: Dr. Mosuk Chow Phone: 863-8128
Office: 315 Thomas Bldg email:

Instructor Office Hours: M,W,Th 1:15 2:15pm (or by appointment)

Recitation :
Section 7   T Th 11:15-12:05        216 Thomas Section 8   T Th 12:20-1:10       117 Thomas
Section 9   T Th 11:15-12:05        265 Williard Section 10 T Th 12:20-1:10       265 Williard 
Section 11 T Th 11:15-12:05        105 Wartik Section 12 T Th 12:20-1:10        306 Boucke

Office hours of TAs:
Each TA will have office hours (to be announced soon in class and on the webpage of this course). You may attend the office hours of any or all TAs and the instructor.

Course Structure:
The course material is taught in the Monday, Wednesday, Friday lectures. The recitation sections on Tuesdays will consist of reviewing lecture subjects, discussion of homework problems. Thursday recitations will also include subject reviews and discussion of homework problems as well as exams. You are required to bring your textbook and a calculator that can take  square root  to all recitations. You are required to bring a calculator to all exams.
You are expected to attend all lectures and recitations. Each section will have a teaching assistant (TA) that will be responsible for the recitations, grading of quizzes and exams, etc.

Grades: Grades will be calculated as follows:
Source % Dates
Exams 4 exams 
Drop the lowest one (total = 60%)
9/16, 10/7,10/28, 11/18
Homework 5 %
Drop the lowest one
Project 10% Part1 Due 11/4 Part 2 Due 12/6
Comprehensive Final 25% 12/13 10:10-Noon

Web Site:  The Web site for this course is located at .
This will mainly be used for announcements and information dissemination. Homework assignments and and some handouts will be available here.

Required Text: Elementary Statistics, Fourth Edition by Neil A. Weiss. Addison Wesley.

Tentative grading scale: The cutoff points below should be considered guidelines. They will not be raised, but may be lowered slightly.


Homework: Homework and practice homeworks will be assigned regularly. The lowest homework grade will be dropped. Homework will be collected and due date will be specified in the homework sheet. One problem in each homework will be selected and graded. Late homework: 20% off for each day late.

Project: Three or four students will form a group for the group project. There are two parts of the project and due dates are specified. Late projects are 20% off for each day late.

Exams: Exams will be held during the scheduled Thursday recitation times. You will be allowed to bring one 8.5" x 11" sheet (both sides) of prepared notes to each exam. Make-ups for exams will not be allowed. The lowest exam is dropped to allow for any conflict that may arise. It is in your best interest to study for and take every exam.

Final Exam: The final will be comprehensive. You will be allowed to bring two 8.5" x 11" sheet (both sides) of prepared notes to the final.

Statistical Software: The statistical software package MINITAB will be used during lecture to provide examples. You are responsible for understanding MINITAB output and need to use MINITAB for the project. You need to have an access account to use MINITAB that is installed on many of the PCs located in the computer labs throughout campus.

Handouts: Handouts will be provided in lecture sometimes. These handouts will be placed on tables in the back of 101 Thomas. Take one as you enter the room. Extra handouts will always be available in 332 Thomas and some will be on the Web page.

Course Prerequisite: 2 units of Algebra.

Course Outline: The course will closely follow the textbook. However, some topics may be taught in a different style from the text and others may not be in the text at all. Therefore, attendance is strongly encouraged. Chapters 1-12 will be covered in-depth. Topics will be selected from Chapters 13 - 14. The course will highlight the following topics: