Finding a confidence interval and a prediction interval for the response


  1. Select Stat >> Regression >> Regression ...
  2. Specify the response and the predictor(s).
  3. Select Options... In the box labeled Prediction intervals for new observations, specify either the x value or a column name containing multiple x values. Specify the Confidence level — the default is 95%. Select OK.
  4. Select OK. The output will appear in the session window.


For people of the same age and gender, height is often considered a good predictor of weight. The data set htwtmales.txt contains the heights (ht, in cm) and weights (wt, in kg) of a sample of 14 males between the ages of 19 and 26 years.

  1. Find a 95% prediction interval for the weight of a randomly selected male, aged 19 to 26, who is 170 centimeters tall.
  2. Find a 95% confidence interval for the average weight of all males, aged 19 to 26, who are 170 centimeters tall.

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minitab output

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