Thematic Papers


Generalized Power Series Distributions

Binomial and Negative Binomial Distributions

Logarithmic Series Distributions

Sum Symmetric Series Distributions

Hypergeometric Distributions

Exponential Type Distributions

Structural Relations and Characterizations

Chance Mechanisms

Spatial Statistics

Modeling and Analysis with Encountered Data

Multivariate Distributions: Modeling and Simulation

Survey Design and Sampling

Diversity and Abundance

Size and Shape Analysis

General Educationa nd Coping with Uncertainty

Risk Analysis

Chesapeake Bay Stock Assessment

Stochastic Models of Abundance

Ecological Assessment wiht GLIM and Quasi-Likelihood

Hazardous Waste Site Characterization

Ranked Set Sampling

Design and Analysis wiht Composite Samples

Statistical Landscape Ecology

Geospatial Multiscale Ecolgical Assessment


Peer Reviews

Bibliographic Contributions