PowerPoint Presentations


The PowerPoint presentations can be viewed in pdf format by selecting from below.  Please note that you will need to use your browser's back button to return to this page after you have viewed your selection.

PowerPoint slides for Multiscale Advanced Raster Map Analysis System:

1.  Complete Selection

2.  NASA HQ Seminar

3.  EPA / NCEA Seminar

4.  CDC/NCHS Seminar

5.  SUNY SPH Seminar

6. NIEHS Presentation

7.  NJ SEER Presentation

8.  POSET Seminar

9.  RTI Symposium

10.  WSS Seminar

11. Hotspot Detection

12. Multicriteria Prioritization

13. Multiscale Advanced Raster Map Analysis

14. Regional Vulnerability Assessment

15. Hotspot Detection, Hawaii, March 2005