Monograph Series


Kluwer Monograph Series in Environmental and Ecological Statistics

Series Editor: G. P. Patil

The proposed series will be devoted to the cross-disciplinary subject area of environmental and ecological statistics discussing important topics and themes in statistical ecology, environmental statistics, and relevant risk analysis. Emphasis will be on the clarity of exposition of applied mathematical statistics, statistical methodology, data interpretation and improvement for future use, with a view to advance statistics for environment, ecology, and environmental health, and to advance environmental theory and practice using valid statistics. Besides clarity of exposition, a single most important criterion for publication of a monograph will be the appropriateness of the statistical methodology to the particular environmental and ecological problem area, within the context of contemporary environmental issues and the associated statistical tools, concepts, and methods.

This cross-disciplinary series will be aimed at graduate, postgraduate, and upper undergraduate level addressed to the cross-disciplinary audience in statistics, ecology, environment, and society both in the classroom and in the field.

Every effort will be made to encourage select journal authors, editors, and special issue editors to consider monograph writing. Select handbooks will be formulated and edited. Special volumes will be put together on contemporary issues and ideas as they arise.

Potential Titles Within the First Two Year Period :

  1. Landscape Pattern Analysis for Assessing Ecosystem Condition

                By G. D. Johnson and G. P. Patil

  2. Doubly Segmented Images and Landscape Indicators for GIS Analysis: With emphasis on investigation of landscape change

                 By W. L. Myers and G. P. Patil

  3. Adaptive Sampling

              By Mohammed Salehi and David Smith

  4. Ranked Set Sampling

               By Omer Ozturk, Steve MacEachren, and Douglas Wolfe

  5. Surveillance Hotspots Systems with Applications

               By G. P. Patil, R. Modarres, and S. L. Rathbun

  6. Euring 2007: Edited Proceedings Volume

                Edited by David L. Thomson and Evan G. Cooch

  7. ...and more to be identified. Suggestions are invited at or at