The symbol design for the Center for Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics won the FIRST AWARD in the category of BEST DESIGN FOR SYMBOL DESIGN in the "Communication Artists' Guild (CAG) Annual Exhibition of Advertising and Communication Art" held in April 1987 in India, with the selection of well-designed and well-presented creative output done in the year 1986. The work is selected for the exhibition and the awards are given to the best entries by a Jury Board of interdisciplinary experts in the profession. The CAG annual show has the same standing in India as that of the Art Directors Annual: the one show of New York.

Professor G. P. Patil, Director of the Center, conceptualized the overall concept and the approach for the Center Symbol and its Design, whereas, Yeshwant Chaudhary, Former President of the Society of Industrial Designers of India, visualized the graphic concept of the Earth evolved in the cosmic order, and set to establish the harmonious relationship between the humankind and other ecological beings rendered from mathematical numerals. Interesting still is the rhythm achieved between the gradation of spaces and the thickness of lines weaving through each other into a structural harmony in totality.

This symbol is appreciated world over by highly talented professionals for the design thinking that has gone into its expression of the message. It has been selected in a Japanese Design publication "World Trademarks and Logos II" and has already appeared in an international 'Design Journal' from Korea.