Ganapati P. Patil
Distinguished Professor of Mathematical Statistics 
Ph.D.: University of Michigan, 1959
D.Sc.: Indian Statistical Institute, 1975


1. Fellow, American Statistical Association (1967); Fellow, American Association of Advancement of Science (1968); Elected , International Statistical Institute (1967); Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (1972); Founder Fellow, National Institute of Ecology, India (1978); Plenary Lecture, Fourth International Congress of Ecology (1986); First Distinguished Statistical Ecologist Award, International Association for Ecology (1986); Most Significant Paper Award, American Fisheries Society (1987); General Methodology Lecture, American Statistical Association (1987); Honorary Doctorate in Biological Sciences, University of Parma, Italy (1988); Honorary Doctor of Letters, University of Poona, India (1989); Visiting Professor of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University (1986-1988); Distinguished Professor, Penn State (1990); Honorary Fellow, International Indian Statistical Association (1998); Honorary Visiting Professor at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, India (1999); Distinguished Lukacs Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, Spring 1999; Honorary Professor at the Centre for Clean Environment Technology, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India (1999).

Chairman, Committee on Fellows and Awards, ASA Section on Statistics and the Environment (1990-1992); Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Environmetrics, International Environmetric Society (1992- ); Distinguished Achievement Medal Award for Statistics and the Environment, American Statistical Association, (1993); Chairman, Committee on Statistics and Environment Medals, ASA Section on Statistics and the Environment (1993-1995 and 1996-1997); Chairman, Distinguished Statistical Ecologist Award Committee, Statistical Ecology Section of the International Association for Ecology (1990- ); Keynote Speaker, First French Conference on Ecology and Statistics (1994); Plenary Lecture and Popular Evening Lecture, First Indian Ecology Congress, 1996; Banquet Lecture, Statistics for 21st Century Symposium, 1998; Keynote Inaugural Address, Ninth Lukacs Symposium on Frontiers of Environmental and Ecological Statistics (1999); Plenary Lecture, 50th Anniversary of German Colloquium in Freiburg (1999); Plenary Lecture, National Italian Ecological Congress (1999); Plenary Lecture, International Biometric Conference in Brazil (1999); Keynote Inaugural Address, National Convention in Statistics and the Environment in Argentina (1999); Plenary Lecture, International Bernoulli Society Program in India (2000); Invited Lecture, Indian Science Congress (1999, 2000).

2. Founder Chair of Statistical Ecology Section of International Association for Ecology. Founder of Statistical Ecology Section of Ecological Society of America. Founder of Statistical Ecology Section of National Institute of Ecology, India. Founder Chair of Statistics and the Environment Section of American Statistical Association. Founder Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee for Environmental Statistics of International Statistical Institute. Founder Editor-in-Chief, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Kluwer Academic Publishers. Founder Advisory Council Member of International Indian Statistical Association.

3. Consultant, USDA, Forest Service; Consultant, NIH, Laboratory of Applied Studies, DCRT; Consultant, EPA, Statistics Review Committee; Consultant, National Marine Fisheries Service; Member, Research Advisory Committee, EPRI; Member Research Advisory Committee, GRI; Member, ASA Committee on Statistics and Environment; Member, ASA Committee on Statistics in Wildlife and Fisheries Research; Member, Program Committee, Society for Risk Analysis; Member, Steering Committee of the Symposium on Statistics and the Environment at the National Academy of Sciences; Member, EPA-ASA Peer Review Committee on Acid Deposition; Member, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Stock Assessment Committee; Board Member, International Center for Theoretical and Applied Ecology, Italy; Vice Chairman, Scientific Program Committee, International Conference on Biomathematics, Xi'an, China; Program Chairman, Publications Officer, and Elected Section Chair, ASA Section on Statistics and the Environment; Member, Program Committee and Chair, Ecological Risk Assessment Committee, ASA Conference on Environmental Risk Assessment: Statistical Issues and Methods; Consulting Member, Biomonitoring and Ecosystems Objectives Working Groups, EPA Region II, New York; Member, Statistics Panel, Shrimp Fishery By Catch Program, the Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Development Foundation; Member, Program Committee, Mahalanobis Birth Centenary Conference on Environmental Statistics; Chairman, Penn State India Advisory Task Force; Member, Penn State Environmental Science and Technology Council; United States Delegate to the NAFTA Trilateral Meeting for Environmental Information and Reporting. Moderator, Inter-Agency Workshop on Environmental Monitoring and Assessment; Vice-President, ISEM, Beijing, China, Ecological Modeling Progress to Meet the Challenge of Sustainable Development; Executive Committee, SPRUCE III, Yucatan, Mexico, Statistical Aspects of Pollution: Assessment and Control; Science Advisory Board, Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, USFS International Symposium; Convenor, Ninth Lukacs Symposium in association with ten professional societies responsible for statistical ecology, environmental statistics, and risk assessment; Member, International Organizing Committee, Third International Congress on Ecosystem Health.

4. Author and co-author of 250 research publications in refereed volumes and professional journals, like, Annals of Mathematical Statistics, Biometrika, Biometrics, Cambridge Philosophical Transactions, Environmetrics, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of Royal Statistical Society, Researches in Population Ecology, Sankhya, Technometrics, Statistical Distributions in Scientific Work, Statistical Ecology, etc. Subject areas of research interest include: Mathematical and Applied Statistics, Statistical Ecology, Environmental Statistics, Theory of Statistical Distributions and Applications, Risk Analysis, Multiple Time Series, Spatial Statistics, Generalized Linear Models, Errors in Variables Analysis, Survey Design and Sampling, Environmental Sampling and Observational Economy, Site Characterization and Evaluation, Biodiversity Measurement and Comparison, Small and Skew Data, Encountered Data Analysis and Interpretation, Environmental Indicators and Statistics in Environmental Policy, Remote Sensing and Multi-Scale Assessment, Advanced Raster Map Analysis..

5. Editor-in-Chief, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Massachusetts and The Netherlands. Editor, monograph series in environmental and ecological statistics, Kluwer Academic Publishers. Editor (with C. R. Rao), Handbook of Statistics, Volume 12: Environmental Statistics, and Editor (with C. R. Rao), Multivariate Environmental Statistics, North Holland/Elsevier Science Publishers, New York and Amsterdam, 1993. Guest Editor, Penn State Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics Silver Jubilee Special Issue of COENOSES, 1995; Guest Editor (with G. Cantor, E. Landau, and C. Russell), American Statistician, November Special Issue for Statistics, Law, and the Environment, 1985; Author of a 3-volume series on Modern Dictionary and Bibliography of Statistical Distributions in Scientific Work with Citation Index and Subject Classification, 1985, (Co-authored variously with M. T. Boswell, S. W. Joshi, M. V. Ratnaparkhi, and J. J. J. Roux), International Co-operative Publishing House, Fairland, Maryland; Author of Dictionary and Bibliography of Discrete Distributions (with S. W. Joshi), Oliver Boyd, Ltd., 1968, in the International Statistical Institute Series; Editor, Classical and Contagious Discrete Distributions, Statistical Publishing Society, Calcutta and Pergamon Press, 1965; Editor, Random Counts in Scientific Work, Volumes 1, 2, 3, The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1970; Editor (with E. C. Pielou and W. E. Waters), Statistical Ecology, Volumes 1, 2, 3, The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1971; Editor (with S. Kotz and J. K. Ord), Statistical Distributions in Scientific Work, Volumes 1, 2, 3, The D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht, and Boston, 1975, in the NATO Advanced Study Institute Series; Editor (with C. Taillie and B. Baldessari), Statistical Distributions in Scientific Work, Volumes 4, 5, 6, The D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht, and Boston, 1981, in the NATO Advanced Study Institute Series; Editor of 5 volumes in a 10-volume series in Statistical Ecology expanded from the Satellite Program in Statistical Ecology held in USA, Italy, and Israel, (Co-edited variously with Cairns, Cormack, Grassle, Ord, Robson, Rosenzweig, Smith, Taillie, and Waters), International Cooperative Publishing House, Fairland, 1979.

6. Conceived and organized the International Symposium on Discrete Distributions in 1963 at McGill University. Program Chairman for Biometric Society at AAAS, 1968. Conceived and organized the Symposium on Random Counts in Scientific Work. Conceived and organized as Director and Program Co-Chairman the First International Symposium on Statistical Ecology in 1969 at Yale University. Chairman of the International Statistical Ecology Program which consists of the ISI-BS-INTECOL Liaison Committee on Statistical Ecology and the INTECOL Statistical Ecology Section. Director of the First NSF Advanced Institute on Statistical Ecology in the United States, 1972. Conceived and organized as Director the International Program on Statistical Distributions in Scientific Work in 1974 at Calgary, Canada. Conceived and organized as Director the Satellite Program in Statistical Ecology in USA, Europe, and Israel in 1977 and 1978. Presented invited papers at 50 International Conferences and Symposia. Chaired sessions at 25 of them, including the Moscow International Mathematical Congress, 1966, the International Statistical Institute, Washington, D. C., 1971, and Manila, Philippines, 1979, and the International Congress of Ecology, Jerusalem, 1978. Conceived and organized as Chairman the International Summer School on Statistical Distributions in Scientific Work in 1980 at Trieste, Italy. Conceived and organized (with Richard Hennemuth) as Co-Chairman, the Statistical Ecology Initiative Program during the International Conference on Renewable Resource Inventories for Monitoring Changes and Trends, Corvallis, Oregon, 1983. Conceived and organized (with C. R. Rao and M. Zelen) as Chairman, the Advanced Research Conference on Weighted Distributions, Observational Studies, Encountered Data Analysis, and Representativeness Issues. Penn State, Amsterdam, and New Delhi 1985. Conceived and organized (with R. C. Hennemuth and D. Simberloff) as Chairman, the Frontiers of Statistical Ecology Program at the Fourth International Congress of Ecology, Syracuse, 1986. Conceived and organized (with Shiro Kobayashi) as Co-Chairman, the Statistical Ecology Symposium at the Fifth International Congress of Ecology, Yokohama, Japan, 1990. Conceived and organized (with C. R. Rao and N. P. Ross) as Chairman, the Multivariate Environmental Statistics Program at the Seventh International Conference on Multivariate Analysis, University Park, PA, 1992. Conceived and organized (with J. N. R. Jeffers and W. E. Waters) as Chairman, the Frontiers of Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics Program as the Silver Jubilee of Statistical Ecology at the Sixth International Congress of Ecology, Manchester, UK, 1994, and at the Seventh Congress in Florence, Italy, 1998. Convenor, Ninth Lukacs Symposium for Environmental and Ecological Statistics in the 21st Century, 1999.

7. Passed the SSC Examination of Bombay State in 1949 standing first in the District and fifth in the state among several hundred thousand candidates. Attended Fergusson College and the University of Poona, 1949-1955. First in the First Class with Distinction at every college and university examination. Won several prizes and scholarships for academic distinction, including Dakshina Fellowship in Maharashtra and Research Fellowship at the Indian Statistical Institute where AISI ("Professional Doctorate") of the Institute was obtained.

Earned M.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1959 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with specialization in Mathematical Statistics. Received the First D.Sc. from the Indian Statistical Institute in 1975. Served on the Faculties of the University of Michigan, and McGill University, 1959-1964. Visiting Professor at the University of Wisconsin, and University of New South Wales. Distinguished Visiting Scientist, Institute of Ecosystem Studies, New York Botanical Garden. Visiting Professor of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University, 1986-88. Professor of Mathematical Statistics at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park in the Department of Statistics and the Graduate Ecology Program, 1965-1990. At present, Distinguished Professor of Mathematical Statistics and Director, Center for Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics in the Department of Statistics at Penn State.

8. Has more than one hundred graduate students and interns trained at the home base in statistics, ecology, and the environment. Several of them now hold prestigious positions in academia, agencies, and industries.  He has been the founder chair of the Penn State Graduate Statistics program and of the Penn State graduate Environmental Statistics Program in Statistics. He has been a founder and leader in the Penn State Graduate Program in Quantitative Ecology in the Intercollege Graduate Program in Ecology. An international research journal recently published a special silver jubilee issue for the Penn State Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics program and its Center for Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics. The invited article specially prepared by five graduate students in his twenty-five year ecometrics class is an impressive reflection of the innovative interdisciplinary approach of the instructor for productive crossdisciplinary and disciplinary content and the skill. A steady stream of international research fellows have been visiting scholars and graduate interns with him in statistical ecology and environmental statistics at the Center.

9. The Penn State national center initiative under the direction and leadership of Professor Patil brought together several outstanding colleagues and friends devoted to the cause of statistics, ecology, and the environment having magic to their name at the national and international level. It has triggered enlightened push and support in every direction through its synergistic inputs and outputs initiated by the distinguished participants in their own home bases.

10. Has served on the United Nations Environment Program Panel on Early Warning of Emerging Environmental Threats with Panel Chair, Mario Molina, Nobel Laureate, and a member of U.S. President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), and helped prepare a draft report on the theme of the panel.

11. As Distinguished Lukacs Professor at Bowling Green, put together an innovative Ninth Lukacs Symposium on Frontiers of Environmental and Ecological Statistics for the 21st Century in association with ten leading national and international professional organizations having responsible interest in the synergistic challenges, opportunities and directions for statistics, ecology, environment and society. Participation was select, superb, and synergistic for cross-fertilization. The program layout was unique and transparent. Gave the keynote inaugural address, emphasizing the centrality for the new millennium looking for appropriate COMPASS, Combination of Practicality and Scholarship. Was Master of Ceremony for the Twentieth Century Distinguished Service Awards for outstanding synergistic development of statistics, ecology, environment, and society in the form of statistical ecology, environmental statistics, environmental and ecological risk assessment or something more broad within the context. The awardees included John Cairns, Jr., Albert Gore, Jr., Mario Molina, John Tukey, E. O. Wilson among others.

12. Has been Principal Investigator of an extremely successful four year NSF/EPA cross-disciplinary research project on Statistical Approaches to Multiscale Assessment of Landscapes and Watersheds. Has been invited to give a series of plenary lectures and keynote addresses, and organize thematic sessions at important conventions and congresses in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia on varying methodology topics involving regional policy research using remote imagery, geospatial information, landscape fragmentation, and spectral change detection.

13. Has been Principal Investigator of an extremely successful seven year large NSF cross-disciplinary research project. It has been multi-institutional, multi-national, multi-disciplinary, multi-individual. It has been on digital governance and surveillance hotspot geoinformatics for monitoring, etiology, early warning, and sustainable management and development with live case studies in a variety of critical issues of society involving infrastructure, security, risk, natural and environmental resources, socio-economics, poverty, and demography, public health and disease mapping, etc. The project has led to several research publications, special issues of journals, and several monographs are in preparation. The project cultivated a successful research and training workshops series around the world held in USA, Europe, Asia in several countries such as USA, Italy, Sweden, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Japan.

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